Full form of acronym starts with E

Full form of acronym starts with E

Acronym Full Form

EBRT External Beam Radiation Therapy
EBV Epstein – Barr virus
ECC Excise Control Code

ECE Electronic and Communication Engineering

ECG Electrocardiogram
ECR Emigration Check Required
ECS Electronic Clearing Service
ECT Electroconvulsive Therapy
ED Enforcement Directorate
EDGE Enhanced Data Rates for GSM (Global System for Mobile) Evolution

EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EDP Electronic Data Processing
EEE Electrical and Electronics Engineering

EEG Electroencephalogram
EJB Enterprise Java Bean
ELSS Equity-linked Saving Scheme
EMG Electromyogram
EMI Equated Monthly Installment
ENT Ear Nose Throat

ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer
EOD End of the Day

EPC Engineering, Procurement and Construction

ERNET Education and Research Network

EPFO Employee Provident Fund Organization

ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
ESI Employee’s State Insurance

ESIC Employees State Insurance Corporation

ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETC Et cetera
EWS Economically Weaker Section

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